Make Up 2 Make Up

Be the change you wish to see in the world (Mahatma Gandhi)

Report 2013

The first 6 months of 2013

  • The first series of English lessons for the large group was not successful, many people dropped out, individual coaching seems imperative.
  • We have decided to work with English For All (
  • We have decided to only sponsor classes for the people who are clearly motivated, Laura follows up on site who takes which course and how we can best guide and support each individual. Anjali is a dedicated student and continues to go to school with the necessary results. Other candidates are also eligible for a similar program, but our funds are running out.
  • M2M is urgently looking for new funding! We have faith that soon a good solution will present itself.

The second half of 2013: We organized 4 successful fundraisers in Belgium

  • We partnered with Belgian fashion label I AM to sell bags during the WorldOutgames that were held in Antwerp in August. Sales totaled to almost 800 euros for M2M.
  • Internationally renowned author, speaker, and meditation expert davidji visited Antwerp on his European tour to hold a meditation workshop at Royal Yoga that raised 500 euros for M2M.
  • Peter Platel & Luc Acke opened up the M2M Pop Up Charity Shop, that sold everything from used nic nacs to second hand furniture during the months of October and November. Sales totaled to 2500 euros for M2M.
  • In December, De Wakko Kapper organized one of the Music for Life fundraisers approved by the King Baudouin Foundation, raising another 500 euros for M2M by selling glasses of champagne to customers at all three Wakko salons.

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