Make Up 2 Make Up

Be the change you wish to see in the world (Mahatma Gandhi)


As a child, Sophie, then a young boy, showed a passion for makeup, playing with her mother’s cosmetics. Like many other trans* people in Nepal, she was teased by teachers and class-mates and felt guilty and ashamed of how she felt inside.

Transitioning to be a woman wasn’t always easy and just learning how to do the basics of hair and makeup was a difficult task. MakeUp2MakeUp‘s workshop gave Sophie the confidence to express herself as a young woman. It was also during the workshop that she realised she wanted to become a hair and makeup professional.

Today, Sophie is a successful hair and makeup artist, working for some of the top fashion, beauty and life-style magazines in Nepal. She is entering and winning competitions, most recently being awarded Best Makeup for Bridal Makeup. She oozes confidence in her abilities and recognises she is good at what she does. Nepali celebrities call on her to do their makeup for events and photo shoots complimenting her on her skills and professional attitude.

In a country like Nepal, riddled with discrimination, and where caste, class and gender stereotyping limits of the choices of many transgender people, Sophie feels comfortable and happy to be in an industry that accepts her for who she is and respects her for the work she does. Importantly for Sophie her family are incredibly proud of her success.

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