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Be the change you wish to see in the world (Mahatma Gandhi)


Joshma grew up the only son of a father who was in the army. By the age of 6 he knew he was attracted to other boys and felt different from the other young boys around him. Lack of sex education in schools and the inability to talk about his feelings at home meant that Joshma didn’t really understand his feelings or what it meant to be different. The general homophobia that exists in Nepal’s education system meant that during his school and college days, he felt isolated from his peers. Only after finishing college, when he met a foreigner and experienced sex for the first time, did he realise that it was possible to have sex with other men and enjoy it.

He started a secretarial course but faced endless sexual discrimination by employers. Many would ask personal questions; why are you not married? why don’t you have a girlfriend?, why do you act the way you do?, why are you like that or this? etc. Feeling alone in this world, Joshma met his first boyfriend and for 2 years enjoyed a loving relationship. Unfortunately for them, as with many gay men, his boyfriend was forced by his parents to marry a woman. After his marriage they never saw one another again. With no links and no other friends, Joshma was once again alone. As the eldest son he is responsible for financially supporting his family, which forced him to search for work abroad in Dubai, where he lived for 4 years working as a cashier.

Back in Nepal, Joshma met the founder of Blue Diamond Society and began volunteering for the NGO. In 2008, he attended MakeUp2MakeUp‘s workshop with Peter Platel, where his passion for hair and beauty was ignited. Like others who took part, Joshma has found some work as a private makeup artist working on modelling and magazine shoots and for the Miss Nepal competition. In 2011, Joshma along with Shova, Sophie, Rajesh and Anjali attended a local hairdressing school and gained their first qualification in this field. In his spare time, Joshma practices at the school’s salon and does freelance hair and makeup for weddings.

2 thoughts on “Joshma

  1. I have a painting in oil and the name on it is C. Joshma, I wanted to know more about this artist so I decided to look for information on the internet. I love the painting, it was a gift. It is warm and mysterious, a night scene where people are walking towards a walled entrance where there is light. Very enchanting. I don’t know if this is the same person, but holla back if you know this artist. Thank you for your time.

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