Make Up 2 Make Up

Be the change you wish to see in the world (Mahatma Gandhi)


Anjali was identified as male at birth, another brother in a family of seven siblings.

Anjali was sent from her village to attend school in the capital Kathmandu. However, her family could not support her, and so she had to drop out of school and find work. Despite finding work as a waiter, the low pay made life difficult n Kathmandu. Add to that the fact that Anjali was also coming to terms with the fact that she was different. She wore men’s clothes but wanted to dress as a woman.

In 2005, after finishing work at a local restaurant, Anjali was walking home and met a group of transgender people. Asking them where they were going, they invited her to join them. Later she was introduced to Blue Diamond Society (BDS), attended trainings on HIV and sexual development and began working in the office and started dressing as a woman.

She attended the first MakeUp2MakeUp workshop in 2008, and learnt how to do her own makeup and hair, a huge step in helping her make her transition, as well as building her confidence and bringing her nearer to her dream of becoming a model. Stunning, tall and slender, Anjali is the first out transgender model in Nepal, and recently featured on the cover of local Lifestyle Magazine Wave. A documentary crew are currently making a film about her life. Alongside her work at BDS, Anjali has gone back to school. She is taking evening classes for a Bachelor’s in Humanities at a University in Kathmandu. Her eyes light up as she explains how her experience at University is the first one where she has not been questioned about her gender identity. She is accepted by her peers and her self-confidence as a result is ever growing. The English classes she attended with the support of MakeUp2MakeUp in 2011 have also helped her with her studies and given her confidence. She wants to continue studying English and hopes that M2M will be able to help, since English is the compulsory language for her finals.

As she looks forward to a bright future, Anjali wants to continue to be a model and act as a positive role model for other transgender people in Nepal, complete her studies and get a Master’s degree.

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